Trying Life, Living Well. 

Trying life, Living Well came about because, one day, I decided I wanted to write a blog about topics related to living a healthy lifestyle.

These topics would come to me through my own thoughts and opinions but also through background reading of current opinion and research. This is my own story, my trials and tribulations in achieving fitness and health through exercise and good nutrition. 

I had always considered myself a fit and healthy person but a diagnosis of breast cancer at the age of 36 years of age changed all that. I had to immediately face my mortality head on and no longer felt invincible. 

Initially I blamed myself – I must have done something wrong. Maybe I had ate all the wrong things and exposed myself to too much stress during my 36 years of life. I immediately banished sugar, carbohydrates and processed meat from my diet and starting drinking green shakes and taking turmeric tablets. (Slight hint of vulnerable desperation evident here.)

 I started thinking about including mindfulness in my routine (which would actually prove be one of the good things I discovered during treatment) and continued my fitness regime albeit at a much lower heart rate.

 As time went on however, I began to realise that there was very little evidence out there that suggested my extreme changes would help prevent cancer coming back. There was also very little evidence that I could have somehow ‘caused’ my cancer. Being diagnosed with breast cancer in your 30s is rare. The only significant risk factors for developing breast cancer are being female (men can still get it), ageing and then post-menopausal  women are at increased risk if they are obese and consume too much alcohol.  

I am finished treatment now apart from a tablet I take to block the effects of oestrogen but everything I have been through has made me think even harder about living well and achieving fitness and health. 

“Being healthy” is a quality we all wish for in ourselves and in our loved ones but often wishing is where it ends. 

In general the habits and behaviours of the westernised society do not reflect the wish we have to “Be Healthy.”

We are less active, have easy access to convenience food and binge-drinking alcohol seems to be embedded in our western culture. 

Whilst it is true that less and less people are smokers and more people are turning to exercise as a means of achieving fitness the reality is that, in a busy world such as ours, the wish of “Being Healthy” begins to fall a long way down our list of priorities. 

This blog will discuss a wide variety of things from starting your own fitness regime to making healthy but really delicious food choices to sometimes talking about triathlon training as well!! Discussions about cancer will invariably crop up as well as my fund-raising efforts to support further research into Cancer as well as raising awareness. 



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