Three weeks away and slight hiccup in plan…

Only three weeks to Ironman Copenhagen!!

Training has gone well and I’m confident that I will be ok to start the race and hopefully finish!!!

Fundraising is going well too. I’ve had over £2000 donated through Just-Giving to Macmillan Cancer support and for that I am sooooo grateful. It will definitely keep me going through tough times during the race.

Slight hiccup occurred Friday passed – I got diagnosed with Shingles! Eeeeeek.

Now, it’s mild (I think). I am ok. I am just kicking myself I didn’t diagnose it myself sooner. Perhaps it was because I really didn’t want it to be Shingles.

A rash appeared on my torso a week earlier and I put it down to a sweat rash, as I had been doing lots of long efforts in the heat. (I’ve never had a sweat rash in my life.)

I proceeded to do a long run on the Saturday at a good effort and then did 5 hours on my turbo on the Sunday with the rash covered.

On to a new week and with plans to do my final big weekend before the race I was feeling psyched. Although I was really tired. Rash sort of not getting better, in fact it was sort of extending backwards to my back, all on my right side and not crossing midline.

On the breast cancer side…


Creams, bandages, pay no attention….

Three days later it twigs – this could blooming be shingles!!!! Cue quick phone-call to GP (on a Friday afternoon) and then a quick run to an emergency appointment and – “Yes that’s classic Shingles.”

The good news is that just because it’s on the breast cancer side it doesn’t mean anything nasty is happening. In fact it’s actually 3 times more common to occur in people who have had radiotherapy in previous two years. Also, getting Shingles does not have any bearing on long-term prognosis or risk of recurrence.

For those of you who wondering what Shingles is – it’s reactivation of the virus that causes Chicken Pox. It’s not contagious unless you are in close contact with rash and if you haven’t had Chicken Pox before.

If you’ve never had Chicken pox you can get Chicken pox if you’re in contact with rash in early stages.

If you have had Chicken Pox you can’t catch Shingles from someone else. Just clearing that up.

It can be nasty but my one was mild. Basically the rash appears along the route of a nerve and is usually unilateral so that explains why it only appears on one side and does not cross the midline. It can also be associated with severe nerve pain. Again, my pain is mild. I am lucky.

GP started me on Aciclovir (an anti-viral medicine), and even though I feel ok, I have strict instructions from coach and GP to cool it off for a few days.

I have taken five very easy days of resting, only doing low impact exercise and just trying to convince myself that it’s ok, all the work is done.

I feel loads better but will still play safe this weekend when I’m increasing the mileage for the last time before Copenhagen.

Just thought I’d give you all an update. Will be glad when the deed is done, I have enjoyed training for it but it’s been a lot. I’m conscious that perhaps training for an Ironman isn’t the healthiest thing to do but the bigger picture is the money I am raising for charity and the one-fingered salute I’m giving to cancer. :-))

Thanks for listening.