Passing through the first cancerversaries.

“Cancerversary?” I hear you ask…”You can’t be serious?”

Lol, it is a real thing.

First one to pass was 22nd March – day of diagnosis. Then…

29th March – full biopsy results and discussion of treatment plan…

20th April – Day of surgery.

3rd of May – results of surgery and discussion regarding the potential of needing chemo as well as radiotherapy. (I didn’t need chemo in the end)

It’s serious stuff isn’t it? Although you need to give me a break, after all it has only been one year since it all happened.

I sincerely hope as the years go by (and I’m hoping for many more years without evidence of cancer) that I won’t really pass comment on the dates but it all still feels a little raw in my heart. It’s still hard to believe it happened and I still don’t think there’s a day that goes past in which I don’t think about it at least once. It might be a fleeting thought but it occurs every day.

I’m one of the lucky ones. There are people who are still getting treated and living with cancer.

Anyway – time to make some new anniversaries. On Sunday I will be competing in my first triathlon in nearly 20 months. It’s a pool-based sprint triathlon in my home town of Derry. It’s actually one of the first triathlon’s I ever did nearly fifteen years ago!! I know I’m not as young and fit as I was when I was 22 but I’m looking forward to giving it my best shot.

Training has been going reasonably well for Ironman. I’ve now got 17 weeks under my belt with 15 weeks left. No injuries, no illnesses as yet which is all good. I’ve started doing a little bit of speed-work on the running front as well and am running stronger than I ever have in my life. To be honest I think this is down to just being consistent. If you look at my training diaries on fetcheveryone you will see that in previous years I’ve been a little inconsistent regarding the running.

My next target it to think about nutrition. I have lost very little weight, even with all the training I’m doing. I am a healthy weight, but am heavier than I was last year going through treatment. This could be due to me just eating appropriately and the fact I’m on tamoxifen. I haven’t been sick with any colds or viruses this year which is a good sign, but still I’d like to tighten up the nutritional side of things and make sure I’m eating healthily.

Coach has asked me to come up with some mantras and thoughts to consider when I hit tough patches mentally during the Ironman.

The one that comes to the forefront is “I get to do this”.

I’m so lucky to be able to exercise, to be able to get back into doing the thing I love best – swimming, biking and running. Many others can’t do it because they have bigger fish to fry and don’t have the choice I do. That’s what I will draw on.

I noticed on the Women 4 Tri facebook page today another competitor’s story for IM Copenhagen (IM Copenhagen is the official Women 4 Tri event this year.)

She is raising money for an Motor Neurone Disease (MND) charity because her father was diagnosed with the neurodegenerative disease earlier this year. She’s done loads of other challenges every month and August is IM Copenhagen. She finishes her story with this winning phrase –

“The ability to push your body to its limits is a luxury. If the only thing holding you back is tired lungs and legs, you’re lucky.”

My sentiment exactly. 😉

Thanks for reading guys.

PS My yearly mammogram on 1st April came back with the all clear. Therefore one year clear ticked off.

I’ve started raising money for Macmillan at this link