Good to get it done!

So the first week of my plan came with one little hitch.
I’m at a work conference in London for three days…no access to my turbo or bike and although there are swimming pools close by I just don’t have membership and the inside knowledge of when is best to go for a swim! Running is no problem, lots of nice things to look at when running in London.

So…did back to back swims on Monday and Tuesday – job done. Got my easy jog in before I left and managed my first brick session in my hotel gym this evening. 30 minutes on an old school exercise bike and 10 minutes on the treadmill sitting beside it!!
Needs must.

On the plan tomorrow is a 50 minute turbo (back to the hotel gym bike) and then on Friday I have a 30 minute recovery run which I plan to do along the lovely South Bank. (Is that how it’s worded?)
Then back to Northern Ireland for my weekend sessions.

I got this.


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