Wowee New Year!

Sorry to have been absent for the last few months, I’ve been busy!

Back into the world of work and life after a bit of a turbulent year navigating my diagnosis of breast cancer.

I’m getting on absolutely fine. Work has been busy and I feel I have been coping ok.

My first weekend on-call after returning from sick leave was at the start of December. Once I got this 72 hour call over me I felt more confident that I was capable and able for work. I had several on-call’s prior to this weekend and they were fine but this was the ‘hump’ I needed to get over to increase my confidence again.

As regards exercise and triathlon I have some big goals for this year. I am planning to do Ironman Copenhagen in August.

You may remember it was one of my goals for 2018 but I had to defer my entry due to my diagnosis of breast cancer.

I’ve been taking it relatively easy in December to make sure that I feel motivated at the beginning of my 32 week plan which starts tomorrow!!

A very kind coach, Arran from Fusion Triathlon Coaching, contacted me in early October to ask if I would like help to reach my goals in 2019. He was aware of the whole saga of 2018 and wanted to offer to help me with my training – no obligations attached!

He has been incredibly supportive and has taken some of the worry away regarding planning and executing an Ironman training plan. Base phase starts tomorrow for the next ten weeks. This is part of the reason I’m writing my blog after a few months of a hiatus. I want to try and document how the plan is going in my usual honest way!

There will be of course other races and challenges on the way but I will update as and when I know what they will be!! Happy New Year one and all. I hope 2019 brings you love, health and happiness.

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