Back to normal…

Turned a corner this last week. I am now officially off ‘the sick’ and back at work on a phased return.

It’s been going great so far. My manager (who currently is on leave following his own father’s death) had my phased return planned before he left for home and occupational health gave their input too.

No on-calls for the phased return, which lasts four weeks. I’m 50% the first week (which was last week), 75% the middle two weeks and then back to 90% the final week.

Then all being well I’m back to normal again.

It’s good being back to work again but I’m mindful that I need to watch out for the minor stresses that used to grind on me before going off sick. We work across two hospital sites and, unfortunately there’s occasional friction between the workers of both places. This drives me slightly insane, because I generally get on well with everyone and am happy to work hard but this constant background of simmering tension takes it’s toll on everyone. In this situation it’s usually those who are happy to work and are nice people that get shat upon. However, that’s all I’m going to say about that. I need to remember my new-found perspective on life in general since the cancer diagnosis and that means definitely not sweating the small stuff. Not worth it.

On the exercise front I’m keeping at it. I’ve officially been back at running for 8 weeks, after about a 16 week lay-off due to treatment etc. The pace is not lightning but I’m really just focusing on keeping it very easy aerobic for now. I’ve plenty of time until next triathlon season and Ironman Copenhagen isn’t for another 45 weeks (who’s counting?).

The swimming is ok, definitely got back into that a littler quicker than the running and my biking is good. I feel strong for having stayed on the turbo the whole way through cancer treatment. I’ve been out on social rides the last few Sundays with the triathlon club and it’s been great.

I’m starting to feel normal again. I don’t remember every waking minute that I’ve had cancer now because there are other things distracting me. I still remember every day but it’s nice not to be thinking about it constantly. With the passage of time, and clear scans (fingers crossed) hopefully those episodes of recounting the whole saga will start to dissolve slightly. We are definitely moving forwards and that can only be a good thing.

Onwards and upwards. Hopefully going to see the lovely parental unit this weekend with partner and pup’s in tow. Then will look forward to a holiday in Lanzarote (one of my favourite places) in a few weeks time. Always good to have things to look forward to. :-)

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