PMA and Keep on Keeping on.

PMA – Stands for positive mental attitude, just in case you didn’t know.

Keep on Keeping on makes sense as well. I hope…

That’s what we are doing.

Also, we have now modified the already healthy diet to eating extra Kale and other green leafed vegetables, daily Vitamin B complex, Cod Liver Oil tablets and a box of turmeric/black pepper tablets are on the way.

No alcohol, not until at least we know what we are dealing with.

That’s what you do when you become a statistic. A 1 in 4 or a 1 in 3 depending on what you read.

But you never really think it’s going to be you.

As you can tell my form is a bit like a rollercoaster. I do feel I need to write this stuff down, it’s cathartic.

Also, telling the people I love, and sharing what I’m going through is helping too.

I have good people.

Will write more when it comes.

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