Post-viral jog.

Tried a easy 40 minute jog today after one week of a rubbish viral illness (common cold).

Not too wheezy, heart rate behaved itself and I managed to keep the pace around marathon pace (which I’m hoping is 9.20min/mile because I’d like to run a 4hr marathon at IM Copenhagen.)

So all in all, one week off hasn’t completely ruined me. Will be interesting tomorrow when I see what a turbo and a swim session feels like.

Next week is the last ‘free’ week before the 24 week ‘plan’. Sorry for all the inverted commas, don’t know why I’m doing that.

I’m on call next weekend so don’t expect to have the weekly hours up by much but that may be a good thing when recovering from a week laid up sick.

Starting to get the butterfly feelings about the whole Ironman endeavour! I’m ready to begin!


Bring it on!

Planning, planning, planning…



A bit of a bad ten days on the exercise front, as I’ve been suffering from my second viral cold-like illness of the base season.

I thought of training through said illness but, I have had a temperature and my base heart rate has been up by about 20bpm so I thought…what the heck just take it easy.

I’m not overly worried. I still have 25 weeks until Ironman Copenhagen and that’s still more time than I had preparing for Ironman Lanzarote last year.

So instead of sulking into my coffee this morning, whilst the rest of the triathlon club did a long ride, I sat with my Training Peaks account and planned the first twelve weeks of my Ironman training plan. It looks good! It looks… hopefully do-able.

It’s based on Paul Huddle’s 24 week plan called Start-Finish which is a different plan from what I used last year.

I still haven’t broken into the bank vaults and hired a coach yet for a few reasons.

  1. ┬áIt’s expensive and I already spend way too much money on this hobby,
  2. I like making and following my own plan (even though most of the time I try use someone else’s creation and develop it for myself.)
  3. I would really need to trust the person who takes the role of ‘coach’ and i don’t know that person yet (perhaps I have trusting issues.)
  4. Part of the fun of triathlon is experimenting on oneself and gaining self-knowledge should I ever live the dream of becoming a coach myself. I don’t want to turn off my brain and let someone else do the thinking when it comes to training because that’s a big part of my learning.

Sound fair?

I’m no professional triathlete I’m doing this for the love of the game and of endurance sport.

Onwards and upwards!