Need to get better!

I’ve been thinking about posting again back on this site but for some reason have never got round to it. I’m not a very good blogger presently!

Todays a new day anyway. So may well start again and see where it takes me.

In an effort to produce some content here are a few links I’ve read recently which sum up where I’m at in my head at the minute.

What have I done in the last year?

  • Joined a triathlon club.
  • Completed an Ironman (Lanzarote) – race report to follow.
  • Made some great new colleagues in a new job.
  • Invested in a new TT bike – nice. 🙂
  • Got back into the sport of triathlon for fun
  • Am getting interested now in promoting sport and encouraging female participation.

So let’s see where this post leads to.